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Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser-Healthy and Hygienic Drinking Fountain 2L Super Quiet Automatic Water Bowl with Filter and Silicone Mat for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Small Animals (Replacement Filters)

Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser-Healthy and Hygienic Drinking Fountain 2L Super Quiet Automatic Water Bowl with Filter and Silicone Mat for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Small Animals (Replacement Filters) Item NO.: A222

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US$ 14.99

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  • ★Fully Compatible: This flower fountain filter is completely compatible with Moer Sky pet flower water fountain. Size: 5.31 x 0.5 inch(Not fit catit fountain)
  • ★ Improve the Water: Water quality can be removed by the three 3 types of filtration. The external polyester layer on each filter captures hair and debris. Three steps of filtration can assure the quality of the water and enhance the taste of fresh water for your cats
  • ★6 Packs in One Set: You will get 6 pieces of pet fountain filters by buying this product, which is worthy with such high quality
  • ★Easy to Use: Rinse the filter with water thoroughly before use, replace it every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain water freshness
  • ★100% Money Back Guarantee: Don’t hesitate to ask your money back if there is any quality problem with our product. Just contact us, and we will provide you the most friendly customer service~
Product Name Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser-Healthy and Hygienic Drinking Fountain 2L Super Quiet Automatic Water Bowl with Filter and Silicone Mat for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Small Animals (Replacement Filters)
Item NO. A222
Weight 0.12 kg = 0.2646 lb = 4.2329 oz
Category Pet supplies
Tag Replacement Filters , Filters
Brand Moer Sky
Creation Time 2018-06-13

Brand Story
The Moer Sky Automatic Pet Water Fountain features a flower-inspired design with three water flow settings. Its cyan color is one color that cats and dogs can see, greatly increasing its attractiveness. 2L large water capacity, can be used for a month, no need to replenish frequently. It can meet the needs of cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and other pets, not only a water fountain, but a natural bird bath and a funny pet toy. The pump keeps the water circulating through the filter cotton, blocking hair and debris, softening water, removing bad smells of water, allowing pets to enjoy fresh, filtered water every day, making them love drinking water. The mute motor can minimize the water sound. You can put it in the kitchen, living room, or even bedroom, with no disturbance to you and your pet. It’s a custom-made professional water fountain for your cute and furry friends.

The Function For Activated Carbon Filters:
❤ Catches hair and debris
❤ Remove impurities and odor
❤ Keep the water tasting fresh

How frequently do I need to change the filter?
The charcoal filter should be changed every 2 to 4 weeks depending on frequency of use



My cats love the fountain and the filters really work. I clean the filter every Sat or Sun by rinsing it under hot water and shaking it out. Once a month I replace the filter with one of these to keep the water fresh and clean. If you constantly run it without a filter you'll have to take it apart and clean it every few days. But with a filter you can let it run for a couple of weeks, and the only maintenance required is keeping it full of water.



Ten days ago I replaced the expended factory filter with one of these after market filters. I add 8 to 12 ounces a day of tap water to my cat's fountain and throughly clean the fountain and rinse the filter weekly. The new filter is going strong. My cat is very picky about his water and he is drinking more than ever. If my cat is drinking our nasty, extra hard water, this filter is doing a perfect job. Higly recommend these. Great price, seem to last as long as or longer than the factory filters and my cat is happy. Buy a box today!



These are the correct size and fit for my cats water fountain. I searched around for filters and bought a few I thought would work for the flower fountain I had.

Great price, love the multi-pack. Have continued to order these and will do so as long as they are available.



One lasted me about three weeks. I probably could have left it another week. This is so convenient. My cat was constantly getting up on the counter to drink if I turned on the water and after I bought this she has never done it again. Not once. The reviews that say the filter didn't last long should also take their water quality into consideration. Everyones water is different, the worse your water the shorter life of your filter.



Got my fountain filters in the mail and they're perfect. While you can run it without the filters, I would not recommend as the container becomes dirty very quickly and poses a health risk to your cat. Using these filters, I would clean the whole contraption once per week and rinse the filter and then replace the filter after 3 months. My husband just brought home a new cat and these filters got a little cheaper, so now I think I'll be replacing them once per month. Well worth the price and they work great to trap debris and keep your cat's water clean and healthy.



I really like these filters, the fit is perfect and the water according to my crew is delicious. Ive have other filters in the past that left the bowl and pump slimy after a week, not these the bowl is as clean as the day I replaced the filter with no slimy built up anywhere. If anyone is in need of replacement filters,I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these filters from this supplier!!! You won't be disappointed but if you are the supplier wants to know and will make it you can buy with confidence!! Thank you, I am so happy to have found this supplier and filters!!



These filters were easy to replace and so far don't have any problems with them. It's been in my cat's water bowl for almost a week now and the filter itself seems to be holding up with no issues. The filter sheet that covers the filter itself is still attached and nothing is leaking. Filters themselves fit my fountain perfectly. Before I did replace it, I took it apart, washed everything and then replaced the filter.



We've gone through 3 cat fountains from different manufacturers that last for less than 3 months each. This is the first cat fountain that has lasted the longest. Because of the durability, I bought more filters for the fountain. The water goes through smoothly, and the filter still catches dust, fur, all the little items floating in the air that need filtering out of the water. Don't fool around with filters that say they filter out major chemicals your tap water or bottle water doesn't have. These do the trick very nicely. I am quite pleased with this product and strongly recommend it to anyone that has a fur baby/fur babies.



I actually have two fountains - one for the cats and one for the dogs (larger), but they both use the same filters. One of my cats has urinary track issues (stones) and so I needed to filter the water. This solved the problem. I make sure to rinse the filter each week, when I clean the fountain and then at the end of a month I change to another filter. Buying in a larger quantity was a great find both financially & less packaging!



This filter does a good job of catching hair and food. Softens the water by claiming to remove calcium and magnesium, which should in theory help with urinary tract problems. The cats (4) love drinking from the Catit fountain with these filters. I have tried the standard foam and charcoal filters, but the cats seem to prefer drinking from the fountain with these filters. There isn't much charcoal residue in the water with these filters as compared to the foam and charcoal version. These cost more but are worth it.



Easy to use. In this water dish the water actually all goes through the filter, which is something different from our old water dish, where there was space between the bottom of the dish and the filter so water didn't have to go through the filter. and the old dish was about 80dollars, where we paid like 17 for this one, and the filters are cheaper too. Our cats are much happier, and we spend a lot less time cleaning out the water dish! Love.