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Moer Sky Handheld Garment Steamer Mini Portable Travel Garment Steamer Clothes Fast Heat Fabric Wrinkle Iron Steamer Large 280ml Water Tank Capacity Anti-Leakage Design

Moer Sky Handheld Garment Steamer Mini Portable Travel Garment Steamer Clothes Fast Heat Fabric Wrinkle Iron Steamer Large 280ml Water Tank Capacity Anti-Leakage Design Item NO.: A002

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Moer Sky Handheld Garment Steamer Mini Portable Travel Garment Steamer Clothes Fast Heat Fabric Wrinkle Iron Steamer Large 280ml Water Tank Capacity Anti-Leakage Design

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Product Name Moer Sky Handheld Garment Steamer Mini Portable Travel Garment Steamer Clothes Fast Heat Fabric Wrinkle Iron Steamer Large 280ml Water Tank Capacity Anti-Leakage Design
Item NO. A002
Weight 0.72 kg = 1.5873 lb = 25.3973 oz
Category Home & Kitchen
Tag Handheld Garment Steamer
Brand Moer Sky
Creation Time 2018-08-20

Super Powerful Handheld Garment Steamer
Adhering to the idea of “feeling free to iron anytime and anywhere”, the body design of the portable garment steamer adopts the magical technology. The product is very lightweight, and you will not feel tired for long-time operation with one hand. The perfect body curvature design of the portable garment steamer makes the clothes better contact with the steam panel and enhances the ironing effect. The good grip benefits from its ergonomic design.

What can I do?
- I can replace your old ironing steamer. With my small and light body, I can be carried with your luggage anytime. Also I just need a little “room” in your wardrobe;
- I can steam all of kind of clothes include your shirts, dress, woolen coat, suits, pants. And I can also be used in your favorite toys, bedding, tablecloth;
- I can be your travel companion. I can go to any country with you. But please note that the voltages in different countries may not be the same, please remember to bring a transformer with me.

Rated Voltage: 110V ~ 60Hz
Rated Power: 1200W
Wire: 2M
Water Tank: 280ml

What You Get:
1 x Moer Sky Garment Steamer
1 x Fabric Brush
1 x Lint Brush
1 x Measuring Cup
1 x User Manual



This steamer is amazing. I find it so much faster and easier to use than an iron. It heats up very quickly and is able to get wrinkles out of several items of clothing without having to refill the water tank. I had to buy a second one after I used the first with a faulty voltage converter in Europe which broke it (completely my fault). I couldn't live without one so I made sure to order a new one as soon as I returned from my trip. I've never had any issues with it leaking water or anything like that, it has worked perfectly for me every time. If you're looking for ease and convenience, this is a great option.



I received this very quickly in the mail. I had been putting off buying one of these for a long time and now I wish I would have just bought one years ago. I love this! It heats up quickly and steams suit coats and shirts very easily. This is going to save a ton on dry cleaning..especially since sometimes we have dry cleaned in the past just because it's wrinkled and not necessarily dirty. The other plus is that it's small - so it will easily travel with you so you don't have to worry about your hotel room having an iron. I highly recommend this!



My husband travels weekly for work and we often travel as a family. This was a recommendation from my sister on law who has had hers for years. We have used it on everything from dress shirts to dresses to tablecloths. The only thing to keep in mind is that the steam outlet is small because it is intended to fit easily in a bag for traveling, which it does. It comes with a nice carrying case to keep all of the cords tucked in. I would also recommend using distilled water otherwise it build up mineral deposits really easy.



I LOVE this thing!! I bought it as an alternative to an iron (who has time to take out a big ironing board and heat up an iron in the morning??), and it was perfect. Some reviews, I believe, say it runs out of water easily, which I have not found to be true. Just be sure to screw the cap on tightly after refilling because that boiling water WILL spill out onto your hand and it HURTS!

I have used this steamer on all kinds of clothes: sweaters, dresses, blazers, light blouses of all colors; it works very well on everything. Super easy to use and very easy to travel with as well.



I am very pleased with this steamer - it is very fast at heating up and doing the job. I had my old steamer for so many years that it was not heating up well and the heat element had corroded so I was concerned about continuing to use it. When I was visiting my daughter recently (she is in the fashion industry and very particular about steaming her clothes), I noticed she had the same steamer.



Being a true male, I unpacked this thing and immediately tried to use it without reading the instructions, and it was awful! Spent the whole tank and not a single wrinkle came out. I decided there was clearly something wrong, so I took out the instructions to make sure I did everything right before complaining. Turns out I did everything wrong. Once I read the manual it worked as expected. My only complaint is that I wish it had a higher capacity. I can get a shirt and half my pants done with a full tank. It's be nice to do the whole outfit in one go.



I love this steamer! It is perfect for steaming one or two shirts when I am on the go. I was skeptical as many steamers I saw on Amazon have various reviews, but so far, anytime I have used this steamer the wrinkles just fall out! The steam starts going in a few minutes, there hasnt been any water spewing out, and the steamer itself is very light and easy to hold while steaming. This is so much more convenient than getting out the ironing board, iron, etc. All I do is fill it up with water out of the sink, plug it up, and literally two minutes later its ready to steam. Wish I would have purchased this years sooner.



This is a great little steamer. I found that it works better than some of the big $60 stand up garment steamers too.
The kicker is that this needs filtered water. Maybe they all do. It'll work for awhile without, but eventually the buildup will start causing burn or heat build up and it will ruin your clothing. Use filtered water and this handy little gadget is the best you'll find.



This steamer is terrific. I was not sure how well it would work, but it works great!! In a few minutes it has the water boiling inside, and tons of steam coming out, wrinkles fade before your eyes, clothes look professionally cleaned. The price of the steamer makes it even sweeter. I've more than paid for it in the first week in savings from drycleaner pressing job. Don't hesitate- it will be the best money you've spent in a long time!!! I was amazed how well it worked perfectly to get the wrinkles out of my clothes. I love that it is small and doesn't take up too much room, This will be the best steamer for travel! I travel a lot on business as well as with my family. Using it on my formal dresses, husband's suit jackets and dress shirts. Super easy to use, lightweight and compact. Much better than a heavy iron and this little unit has good steam/heat to remove the creases. Easily fits in a carry-on or duffle bag. I'm really looking forward to taking it with me on my next vacation. It's easy to use and I'm so excited to have it. I will be recommending it to my friends.



I have never successfully ironed anything in my life! I have only attempted to iron something once so I constantly live in wrinkled clothes....or I did. Now with this amazing steamer I don't have to worry about that anymore, and it's so quick and easy to use! Fill with water, warm, and point at clothes that need some work done. It's so quick too that I am able to use it quick before leaving for work. Plug it in and it instantly begins to heat the water and then takes only moments to steam out the wrinkles.



This steamer is the BEST! I purchased one before that was bigger and had more features, but I found that I was more reluctant to pull it out and spend the time setting it up and using it. A friend showed me this model, and I never went back to the other one. It is so easy to use and is steaming ready to go in less than a minute! The quality is great, it does a great job getting wrinkles out. I haven’t had any issues with the nozzle spitting water at the clothes. It’s as easy as filling up water, plugging it in, and turning it on. The size is also great and I often bring it with me when I travel.



I bought this because my daughter said it is the same one they use at a high-end boutique she works for. So happy I did, I love this thing! It is a very simple item to use: fill up chamber - and don't overfill, even a little, because it will boil over and wet the clothing and maybe burn you, so be careful! I didn't get burned but I could see how someone might. Hot enough to make a cup of tea! Anyway, fill up chamber: easy to do, the top nozzle part twists off. Plug in. Turn on. In less than two minutes, it starts steaming. The cord is good and long, and the unit is lightweight. My first attempt was on a linen dress that I had left in the dryer, haha. Good first test! Although the directions state the steam cycle should last 10 minutes, it did not. I ran the steamer thru 3 cycles and I was impressed by the number of wrinkles it did remove. I didn't mind having to do that many cycles; its so easy. That being said, I still need to iron the dress as the steamer did not make the wrinkles completely disappear. You really need the heat and weight of an iron. But I wanted to give this thing a good run for the money. The second item I tried it on was my husband's 100% cotton shirt. Moderately wrinkled. This time, the steamer was able to remove wrinkles in a way I was expecting. It helps alot if you can pull down on the fabric to kind of smooth it out as you run the steamer across.



Great little steamer! I think this will be awesome when I am getting ready for work and what I want to wear is all wrinkled. It is super fast to heat up and works like a charm. The first time I used it I was able to do a super long tunic top (the kind you would wear over leggings or as a mini dress for the really brave), a t-shirt and a third top. It only holds a cup of water at a time so if you like to do all your wash at once I am not sure this will be big enough but if you are like me and do stuff as you wear it this is perfect. It is very light weight and small so I could see how you could pack this up in your suitcase if you needed too.



I live in a small apartment without a washer and dryer in the unit, so keeping clothes wrinkle-free generally requires good planning. First, never buy anything that isn't permanent press. Second, always be in the laundry room the second the dryer stops, so I can pull my laundry before it sits, cools, and wrinkles. And third, always hang everything up immediately. And for the most part, that works. But I have a few tops that are a bit stubborn, and occasionally something will slip off the hanger. I do have an iron and ironing board, but there's really not room to set it up, so I figured it was time to get a steamer.



This is the first steamer I bought.I don’t have any problems with this product. It is much smaller than I thought it would be, but that’s a good thing. The steam speed is very fast, and the wide range of steam can cover a large area of clothing, so this saves you a lot of time. Very satisfied with this item.



This product has changed my daily routine in THE most positive way!!! I don't go ANYWHERE in clothing that is not crisp, clean and professional looking, but the time, and money, that I have to invest to look this way can be VERY time consuming and costly. NOT ANY MORE!!! :-)
I love the size, portability and ease of use. I can now lessen my trips to the dry cleaner (and the requisite hunting for dry cleaner coupons)!!
If this pup even acts like it's getting ready to stop working, I'll be online ordering a new one to be delivered STAT!!!
I purchased this product myself and did not receive any financial or promotional incentive to review this item..



I like this steamer a lot. It's compact and it's easy to travel with. The problem with travel size stuff is that it is usually small. Specifically with this item, the water container is small. So do not expect hours of use out of it. I attached some pictures of a cotton t shirt that I threw into the wash and came out super wrinkly.
The steamer did a good job taking out most of the wrinkles, but it does not replace an iron. The reason for that is because it's hard for the steamer to get the wrinkles out by the horizontal lines on the shirt. My guess is bc it is painted over or whatever material they use is hard to get wrinkles out (as you can see by the pics). It still did a really good job, but for items like these, you would likely need to run an iron over to make sure you get the wrinkles out of the horizontal lines.



Perfect for my needs! Way faster than busting out the iron for a quick fix-up. As long as you follow the directions and don't overfill it you shouldn't have any issues with sputtering on your clothing.

When you turn it off and the water temperature decreases it will briefly spurt out water, this is normal considering water only turns into steam at a certain temperature but is still boiling inside the device until it is sufficiently cooled.



I bought this fabric steamer after purchasing several new blouses for work in addition to my upcoming wedding. This steamer emits a pressured steam which, when held close to the fabric, instantly melts away any crease or wrinkle. I was so impressed with how well this little steamer works. This steamer is so small you can throw it in your suitcase and bring it with you! I'm glad I had this steamer on my wedding day as it worked wonders steaming out any creases that happened on my flight over to the wedding as the dress was stored in a garment bag. I also brought this steam with me on my honeymoon and used it to straighten out a few blouses while traveling. Highly recommend.



I do not know how I ever lived without something like this. As far as this unit is concerned, I can find no complaint whatsoever with it. I love the size as it fits easily in my hand and is not heavy or bulky. True you can usually only do 1 or 2 garments at a time before you have to re-fill. But it only takes seconds to re-heat.It's great for a freshen-up before you put your clothes on in the morning and, if you were very careful, I think you could even do a re-fresh while actually wearing the garment. Like going out to lunch after a busy work morning or going out directly from work. I hang the items in the bathroom and use the toilet seat as my chair to do my steaming.I'm 81 years old and if I can handle it, anyone can. It will change your life if you accept its minor limitations and hold it upright. Using it right after you have sprayed on a little wrinkle remover makes it even better-especially for very wrinkled items. you cannot go wrong.