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Moer Sky Dog Training Collar, Upgraded 100% Waterproof Rechargeable 875 Yards Remote Dog Shock Collar with LED Light/Beep/Vibration/Shock for Small Medium Large Dogs

Moer Sky Dog Training Collar, Upgraded 100% Waterproof Rechargeable 875 Yards Remote Dog Shock Collar with LED Light/Beep/Vibration/Shock for Small Medium Large Dogs Item NO.: A333

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  • 【Professional Training Tool 】This Training Collar for dogs provides four effective training modes (Beep, Vibration, and Shock) to help correct and improve your dog's bad behaviors. It is a helpful tool for expert trainers or first-time pet owners; can be used to help correct barking, walking, leash training, sitting, aggression, and other behavioral obedience.
  • 【875yd Remote Range and 100% Waterproof】Remote Training Collar is designed with RF434Mhz technology to provide a range up to 875 yards, easily train your dog in the backyard, park. This dog shock collar with IPX7 rainproof function, you also can bring your dogs to the beach and seaside for swimming and playing games.
  • 【Long-lasting and Rechargeable Battery Life】Moer Sky Remote Dog Training Collar with strong rapid charging lithium Ion battery provides a long-lasting battery life and saving the cost of purchasing batteries. After 2 hours rapid charging, the electric dog collar with remote is able to offer about 3-6 days usage.
Product Name Moer Sky Dog Training Collar, Upgraded 100% Waterproof Rechargeable 875 Yards Remote Dog Shock Collar with LED Light/Beep/Vibration/Shock for Small Medium Large Dogs
Item NO. A333
Weight 0.3 kg = 0.6614 lb = 10.5822 oz
Category Pet supplies
Tag Dog Training Collar
Brand Moer Sky
Creation Time 2018-06-13


Each dog has its own personality and needs to be establishing a position of leadership and obedience to each other. Timely reward and punishment can effectively and quickly train the dog's behavior and correct bad habits

 Moer Sky Dog Training Collar will solve those biggest Behavior Problem. 

★4 Modes: LED Light/ Beep/ Vibration/ Shock mode, 0-99 adjustable intensity levels for Shock and Vibration

★100% IPX7 Waterproof, your dog can swim or bath freely with the collar on

★Remote control range: Up to 800 yards in open spaces ( you can train your dog in park, backyard anywhere else easily and conveniently). 

★This remote shock collar for dogs can fit almost all size dogs. Collar strap is adjustable from 8-25 inches. 

★Rechargeable Lithium Batteries for Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter can be charged at the same time. 

★Flashlight on Receiver helps to find your dog easily in dark 

Important Safety Notices:

1. Please don't use this training collar for aggressive dog; 

2. Only let your dog wear this collar when training, and take it off after training is finished; 

3. Please don't connect this collar to the traction rope as a regular dog collar; 

4. Please avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 8 hours per day, and please try to reposition the collar on the dog' neck every 1 to 2 hours;

5. Examine the contact area daily for signs of rash or sores. If there is, stop using the collar until the skin has healed. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, see your veterinarian 


If the collar is too tight, it's easy to cause skin damage; If the collar is too loose, the receiver is unable to work; 

Treat your dog as friends, we suggest that the static shock should always be your last choice when you use this remote training collar and DO NOT use static shock to train young dogs



Great collars, I use them on my two Beagles that refuse to stop digging holes in the yard. They only wear them outside. I use the shock feature on 50 on my one stubborn beagle almost daily and she has no marks on her neck for those who are scared of burning your pup's! Oh and the pups have stopped digging so much which is why I like these collars. I check the pups every time I bring them back into the house and they're necks look perfectly healthy with no evidence of the collar.



I recently purchased this collar. The collar is easy to set up and easier to use. I love the option to beep and use the vibrate function before escalating to the shock. Also, I love taking or dog to lakes, rivers, bays, lagoons and to the ocean and it is so convenient to have a training collar that is water proof. So all in all, we love this product for the ease of use, consistency, moderate to long range capability and because it is waterproof.



Works great! Good quality training collar. It comes with detailed user manual guiding me how to use this training collar and how to train dogs! So easy to use.I have tried vibration mode and my dog reactions well and I praise him, he's so happy! The led light mode helps me to see my dogs at night, so good! I have not yet tried the shock mode this moment. Highly recommend!



First time using it was a huge success. I brought my dog over to my in laws place today with the new collar. Normally we have to keep her on a lead tied to a tree but today I let her free. She usually catches a scent and just wanders off, not really running. Well every time she started walking away I used the vibrate option and she came walking back. One time she saw a rabbit and ran off into the woods. I used the shock option and called her name and she came running back. She laid on the patio the rest of night. I tested it to 100% on myself and it doesn't really hurt, it's just startling.



These collars have been so helpful in training our puppies. Overall thought the quality is good. The lights on the collars are bright. The remote works well and can be use from our upstairs bedroom when they dogs are in the yard on ground level. Overall, would buy again and would definitely recommend.



Really happy with my purchase. Arrived the day after I ordered it, which was great. It does work!! Lily our Golden Retriever goes out into the garden without a bark now!! She soon got used to it, and after a few buzzes seemed to accept the fact that barking her head off is not acceptable. Great product, would highly recommend.



These collars are more versatile than most others. I can choose which mode to use. I haven't had to use the shock mode at all. The sound and the vibrate features have been enough to modify the bad behavior. I lost the remote control for my collars and the seller was kind enough to send another remote, free of charge.



We have a 7 month old English setter, full of energy and seemingly very stubborn. He couldn't seem to learn not to jump up on us and the furniture, he ran away any chance he got, wouldn't come when called, chews on everything, etc.
When I bought the pet trainer collar, I fully expected to skip through the bell and vibrate settings pretty quickly and work my way up to a powerful shock, just because it seemed like nothing else we were trying was working and I figured our dog would need something pretty drastic to get his attention. To my surprise, our previously uncontrollable puppy responded right away to just the bell sound!
I highly recommend this product! Couldn't be happier with the results we've seen in the short amount of time we've been using it.



My dog had really bad pulling problems. He's really strong and would hurt my arms. He also would bark at everyone and everything. Now he's the prefect dog. I have zero problems, I don't even use the shock setting. The vibration is enough. I had two collars before this one that were over $100! They didn't come with a remote or charger and had one setting. This one even has a flashlight built in! For the price and extras it's the best!



I love this product! I live in a rather small neighborhood that backs up to the woods and Rudy, being a Cairn terrier, will bark at anything that moves especially squirrels. I have tried other products but this one gives me the control. Nobody wants to shock their beloved pet and the remote control allows you to decide which will work at the time. I've been using this product for one months and have only had to shock him twice. Usually the beeper or the vibrate reminds him to quiet down. It also helps to remind him what a good boy he is once he stops.



These collars were just what I was looking for. We have 2 red bone hounds. The collars fit great and the remote is easy to function. You don't have to press a lot of button combinations to switch between dogs. I was missing 2 outer covers for the receivers and they promptly emailed me back and sent me the covers. Their customer service is excellent!



I have a young dog that has yet to learn simple commands like down or stay. I used this on vibrate once and it worked. The beep feature is a waste of time and I don't ever want to use the shock mode, but the vibrate really works well. That's all you need anyway. It's a great way to get the dog's attention when it is doing something you don't want it to.



Works great. Shut off after a few minutes of inactivity saves energy. Quick response from collar, using the hand-held remote, activates collar with no trouble at all. Range is good and it is very easy to switch between collars.



We were hesitant to buy a collar to help with barking. Our dog is a guardian dog breed and the barking is part of who she is, unfortunately our ears and city codes are part of our life. This collar fit well, is easy to use and the rechargeable factor is a huge plus! Our dog has almost completely stopped barking at inappropriate times after three days of use. I’m shocked. We couldn’t have company over because of the barking before this collar. We have only ever had to use the vibration mode. When she would normally bark she now sometimes whines but stops before barking then sits. We have not experienced any negative fear behaviors that we were concerned would happen with training that isn’t based on positive reinforcement.



We purchased this for our little Maltese that is about a year old. We live in an apartment so barking at EVERYTHING outside was an issue. We hardly have to use the shock function since the vibrate feature works so well. One we started using this he has done great! The best money I've spent on a training tool. We love it and now our neighbors are probably a lot happier not having to hear him barking all the time.



We just rescued our dog and we want him to be able to run free and stay safe... we have only used the beep and he responds very well.
Service:Thank you for your support, we have been working hard to achieve better, your satisfaction is our greatest support!



I have the worlds loveliest little dog. Barks at everything, then growls for 15 minutes. Driving me nuts. With my hearing his barking means I can’t hear a thing while he’s going off. So far he’s caught on that a bark gets a beep or a vibration & his barking has dropped to next to nothing. I have only had to use the shock twice when he wouldn’t stop. I put my finger across the terminals and shocked myself at full power before using it on the dog. Hard to compare the shock to anything but I guess at full power it’s a lot less than what you get laying your tongue across 9 volt battery terminals. It’s almost negligible but it gets the point across to the dog. There’s not much of a learning curve for the human involved. The controls on remote are laid out nicely and it’s easy to use outside in the dark without having to look at the buttons.
All in all it’s a great product, that actually works.



Works great to correct my dog's behavior. It stops him in his tracks when running out in the street or after the neighborhood cats. We use this when taking our dog out on hikes, about 1 to 2 times a week. He doesn't run off into the woods or goes into his crazy barking mode when another dog walks by, that behavior would usually provoke both dogs growling and possibly start a fight. He now is very pleasant with other dogs and says hello without all the rudeness. We put this on him during the day, and take it off at night, overall it works great for my use!



With a sweet but hard-headed, stubborn new rescue dog, we needed something that would actually get through for training. This has been a great tool. We've used it for 8 weeks, and have only used the beep and vibrate functions on her. with just an occasional reminder every couple days when she starts barking. It's really effective, at least for us.



My dog has a tendency to bark at people who are outside a block away when she is looking out the window. She barks when the phone is dropped because it sounds like a knock at the door, she begs at dinner time, and she is just plain ole stubborn, so I am using this again to help break her of these habits. I start out using the sound first, then go to the vibration. I typically do not shock her unless she is being extremely stubborn. The only downside to the collar is she does not like it, so the minute she sees it, her tail goes between her legs and she starts shaking. I have started putting it on in the morning so that when she does behavior that is pleasing, she gets praised and/or treats when the collar is on so it is not associated with just negative feelings.
I have not had the collar on the last 2 days, and last night she laid down on the floor while we ate, and did not beg at all, so I believe the collar is working.