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Headlamp Rechargeable, LED Headlight 5 Modes, LED Work Headlight Waterproof, Head Torch Lighting Range up to 500M, Brightest 10000 Lumen Headlight Flashlight for Camping, Running, Fishing, Hunting

Headlamp Rechargeable, LED Headlight 5 Modes, LED Work Headlight Waterproof, Head Torch Lighting Range up to 500M, Brightest 10000 Lumen Headlight Flashlight for Camping, Running, Fishing, Hunting Item NO.: A98

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Product Name Headlamp Rechargeable, LED Headlight 5 Modes, LED Work Headlight Waterproof, Head Torch Lighting Range up to 500M, Brightest 10000 Lumen Headlight Flashlight for Camping, Running, Fishing, Hunting
Item NO. A98
Weight 10.09 kg = 22.2446 lb = 355.9143 oz
Category Gardening & Tools & Outdoors
Tag Headlamp Rechargeable , LED Headlight 5 Modes
Brand Moer Sky
Creation Time 2018-11-27



Excellent headlamp for working in an attic. It really helped me out. Before getting this I was trying to get around with holding a flashlight which is kind of difficult when navigating the attic and trying to hold on. This flashlight fit well on my head and was sturdy. The highest setting on this thing is very bring and covered the area I needed very well.



I'm at the age when reading or doing small electrical jobs like installing a ceiling light, the old eyes can't process ambient light enough, but I bought two, one for myself and one for my wife. Reading in bed is now something that doesn't bother either of us as the light it not splayed all over the room. I love it and the price is great. The elastic bands hold the light firmly in place and the light itself has a three position snap-toggle setting. Now I have been wondering why I waited so long.



I'll admit, I made fun of my dad a few years ago when I saw him using one of these head lights. Then...... I bought one because? They're useful! This one in particular is very well made and easy to use. I have a big head so it's at the max on the haleadband. Still very pleased with the product. It's very bright and was nice that it came with batteries. I hunt and camp a lot. I also find myself using my neck/shoulder to hold a flashlight when working on stuff in tight places. No more. You need to have at least one at home. It should be this one. You'll be happy.



Have only had it for a couple days, but I love it so far. Very easy to see. I can wear it with a baseball hat and it still angles properly. No trouble with running. Very secure. A bit difficult to figure out how to get the battery holder out, but after playing with it for a bit, I got it. Much easier walking the dog in the dark with this than carrying a flash light.



When walking at night, working on my car, or just needed some light when working on a home project this works. the lights are bright, the battery life is acceptably good, and the light pattern is good.

Would highly recommend.



Wonderful headlamp. I have several of these and this is the best that I have owned. I like the top head others do not have this...they only wrap around the sides of my head. I also like the swivel and the on/off/function push switch...once you push it, it will not change inadvertantly. I use the headlamp every night for walking my dog and taking night photos. If I am riding my bike at night I can set turn the headlamp around backwards, set it to flashing red, and feel safe from a car approaching me from the rear. It is plastic, but it is well made and functions beautifully....highly recommend.



It is good and helpful item for any DIY house project when you need to do/fix something inside deep dark places; but it surprisingly saved us when we had to go home during dark snowy evening. Our stroller got broken and we had to go on foot. Our daughter was scared to get out of the stroller due to the darkness. So we put this headlamp over her winter hat. She was so surprised and happy to have it on. Especially after she was told that now she is the only one who can help mommy and daddy find the way home, because she has light. It was quite funny. And now she doesn't want to get out in the evening without it. So we might actually order another one for our house projects



I love it. It gives light where I want it or need it. I use it for a variety of things including working on the car, taking out the trash at night, walking through the house when the electric goes down. I take them with me on trips in the car in case I have a car problem. Beats the hell out of trying to hold a flashlight and wrenching at the same time. I think I will order a few more so I can stop carrying around the one I have..



I was hesitant to buy this, but since my husband passed I have no one to hold the flashlight (among other things of course). This is so handy, no more fumbling to hold on to the flashlight and tools at the same time. everyone should have one. Very bright light. Who cares what you look like wearing this, safety and convenience are what counts and this gives you both. Would definitely buy again and have recommended it to several friends.



This head lamp is great for close work. I had one similar to this one when I worked as an instrument technician. I used it to look inside instruments enabling me to use both of my hands to complete the repairs. We bought two of these. One will be for the car in the event we need to see inside the hood, The other one will be used in case of a power failure or the need to go into the garage to check the fuse box. You can also use it for close up projects. There are just so many uses for this item!



I absolutely love headlamps and flashlights. I'm always losing small items or working with tools in dark settings, and a headlamp is something you don't realize you need until you actually get one. I love this headlamp because it beats the limited brightness of other headlamps and fits snugly on my head without slipping or distracting me. Cannot recommend enough.



I've always used and hated trouble lights when working on cars. They never seen to point at what I are doing, and always end up shining in my eyes. This solution works very well, had adjustable brightness. I have one in my shop toolbox and plan on putting one more in each car.



This was the perfect Christmas gift for the guys in my family that I don't know what to get. they all loved it. This is perfect for working on a project and need to focus light to see what you're doing. The light is extremely bright. If you don't have anyone around to hold a flashlight for you when working on a project then you need this!



I just got this a few days ago. I've been using head lamps that attach to the brim of a ball cap for years but the biggest draw back is the clips always break after a bit. So, I thought I'd try this. Very good lighting, even on the low setting. More than enough to see when I go outside with my animals at 4am. I also don't like to turn all the lights on in the house in the morning and I can easily see to make coffee etc. One reviewer didn't like the head bands stating the were too tight. I'm a fairly big guy and right out of the box this fit comfortably. The straps are elastic and after a minute or so I forget I have it on. The ONLY thing I wish was different is the red strobe light. I wish there was a way to stop it from flashing.



Holy macaroni is this thing bright or what? I've got night critters scampering away from me because they think the sun's come up and running after them. It's so light (rimshot) on my head that I have zero issue wearing it for hours on end. It's so functional on so many levels. Night running, camping, sitting next to your friends and blinding them when you turn your head to answer a question. So many possibilities! Love this headlamp.



These suckers are bright. I bought them for my two little boys who, while they will not normally say they're afraid of the dark, tend to be a bit fidgety before bed. They love these and use them to just make shadows on the wall or play with a stuffed animal. If they fall asleep with them, its not like you don't see it, so we just quietly shut it off. We have certainly had a few instances in the past where these would be nice to have, so we'll be keeping them around for things like the drive in movie, backyard camping at grandma's, power goes out for more than a few minutes,etc.



During the winter it gets dark early for hiking. So I needed a light to help guide me back to the trailhead. This simple and low price headlamp does the job. The lowest setting is bright enough to illuminate the trail I walk on. The first time I use it the night sky opened up with a down pour of rain. The rain did not effect the operation of the light and water did not enter the battery compartment. The on/off switch is easy to use. Batteries are easy to install. The headlamp is also, useful for reading in the tent at night.



I bought this item in order to be able to see in low lighting conditions or when the electricity is shut off (such as doing electrical fixes). I had originally thought of a few uses but I've come up with a lot more uses since the product is easy to use, it is light weight and bright enough to light up any specific area. It is much easier to use this item rather than a hand held flashlight. It has already saved me a lot of time and frustration.



Great little head light if you're into working on your car which i like to. 3 brightness settings and adjustable angle make this a winner. Battery lasts a long time as well



I've used these on several camping trips and they've become an essential item in my pack. With the different lighting settings these can be used to read in the dark and not strain my eyes and also provide plenty of brightness while walking in the dark. I haven't quite figured out what I would need the blinking red lights for other than creeping out nearby campers, but if I find a use I'll let you know. Seriously though, these are a good value purchase. I've bought extras so that I could pass them out to others in my camping party who still use old fashioned hand held flashlights.